What is Haj Badal?

What is Haj Badal?

Badal is an Arabic word meaning “to replace” or “substitute”.

Thus, haj badal can be understood as haj that is performed by someone else for a Muslim who face certain challenges such as illness, old age, or death. 

However, haj badal can only be performed by someone who is used to performing haj. 

There are several reports from the Quran and Sunnah regarding the performance of the haj pilgrimage on behalf of another. 

One of them is from Sahih al-Bukhari. Ibn Abbas r.a narrated that a woman from the tribe of Juhaina came to Rasulullah s.a.w and asked, “My mother vowed to perform Haj, but she died before performing it. May I perform Haj on my mother’s behalf?”

Rasullulah s.a.w replied, “Perform Haj on her behalf. Had there been a debt on your mother, would you have paid it or not? So, pay Allah’s debt as He has more right to be paid.”

Haj is the fifth pillar of Islam. It became obligatory on Muslims in the sixth Hijri year when a revelation came down in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:196), “And complete haj and umrah for Allah.”

Allah s.w.t also commanded in Surah Al-Imran (3:97), “Pilgrimage to this House is an obligation by Allah upon whoever is able among the people.”

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