Legacy Planning

“Indeed, to leave your heirs rich is better than to leave them poor and begging from people.”

Narrated by Rasulullah s.a.w in Al-Bukhari and Muslim

Legacy Planning Tools

There are various Islamic legacy planning tools aside from Faraidh that serve different needs. Other than ensuring your loved ones are sufficiently supported, legacy planning for Muslims should ideally include planned giving for beneficiaries beyond your family or as sadaqah jariyah for your Hereafter.


Faraidh is also known as the Islamic Law on inheritance. It decrees how a deceased Muslim’s assets should be distributed to eligible heirs (immediate family excluding step or foster family members). Understand Faraidh better:

Wasiat (Islamic Will)

A wasiat or Islamic will is a legal document that you sign while mentally sound to express how you wish to distribute up to one-third of your estate upon death to non-faraidh beneficiaries. You can use your wasiat to create your Wakaf.

  • Wasiat: Understanding & creating your own Islamic will
  • The Importance of Wasiat
  • Pro-bono legal assistance in Singapore


As a CPF member, you can specify who will receive your CPF Savings and how much each nominee should receive upon your death. You can nominate institutions for your planned giving and to create your wakaf.

The Singapore Fatwa Committee has opined that the CPF nomination system can be considered as a form of hibah (gift) and does not need to be distributed according to Faraidh.

For those who have not or do not wish to make CPF nominations, their monies will be held by the Insolvency & Public Trustee Office upon death. Their inheritors must obtain an Inheritance Certificate from the Syariah Court to proceed with the distribution of the monies according to Faraidh.


Nominations on your insurance proceeds are not subjected to faraidh laws. You can use your insurance nomination for charity purposes including creating your wakaf. Contact your insurance provider to find out how to make your nominations.

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