Faraid calculator

by Syariah Court Singapore

Begin by understanding who your beneficiaries are, the distribution rules, and the stipulated beneficiaries’ shares.

You may use the Syariah Court’s Online Trial Inheritance Calculator to visualise how your estate will be distributed according to Faraid.

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Home Ownership

Learn how the distribution of a HDB home ownership is affected when an owner passes on. Decide between a joint-tenancy or tenancy-in-common manner of holding depending on your unique situation.

Find out more about the actions required to ensure a smooth inheritance process.

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CPF Nomination

by Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB)

A CPF nomination allows you to decide what happens to your CPF savings after death.

CPF nomination is a valid form of hibah (gift) as it is made by the contributor during his lifetime. You can choose to nominate your CPF assets to beneficiaries according to Faraid or distribute to any non-Faraid heirs or even organisations as a way to leave your legacy.

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Insurance Nomination

Making your insurance nominations will help to determine who receives your insurance proceeds after your death. You can check with your respective insurance providers on the process to make your nomination.

A revocable insurance nomination is a contemporary form of hibah and is a new form of financial planning which is in accordance with Islamic principles.

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Wasiat (Islamic Will)

With an Wasiat, you can:

1. Appoint an executor

2. Bequeath up to one-third of your estate to non-Faraid beneficiaries including charitable institutions (sadaqah jariyah)

3. Convey your wishes and reminders for your family and estate (legally non-binding)

To prepare a Wasiat, you may approach a trusted lawyer well-versed in Syariah law.

Step 01

Appoint Muis as a nominee (for CPF/Insurance)
or as a beneficiary (for Wasiat)

You will require the following details:

  • Name: Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura
  • UEN No.: T08GB0028L
  • Type of Entity: Organisation
  • Mailing Address: 273 Braddell Road, Singapore 579702
  • Email: [email protected]
Step 02

Submit the pledge form in the link with your details to complete your submission

Wakaf Masyarakat Singapura (WMS)

You can make an impact with your contribution to the Wakaf Masyarakat Singapura (WMS), an Islamic endowment fund to support the needs of the Singapore Muslim community. Your contribution will be invested and the income channelled to beneficiaries of our community such as mosques, madrasahs, and the development of our future leaders.

All Wakaf is vested and administered by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

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Special Needs Trust Scheme

A partnership between Muis and Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC), this scheme aims to provide financial support for families of persons with special need.

Eligible families can set up a trust with SNTC to safeguard the long-term well-being of their loved ones in the event of the absence of a caregiver.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

by Office of the Public Guardian

The Islamic principles encourage Muslims to plan and prepare for their future. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a valid form of planning which is permissible under Islamic law.

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Advance Care Planning

by Agency for Integrated Care

Indicate your preferences with regards to your future healthcare and personal care through the Advance Care Planning (ACP) workbook.

An irsyad (religious guidance) issued is that Muslims are encouraged by faith to plan ahead and better manage our future health and life issues.

Register your ACP with an ACP provider to make your document readily available to the healthcare team whenever needed.

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My Legacy Vault

by LifeSG

My Legacy vault lets you plan, store, and share your legal, healthcare and estate matters safely with the people you trust.

You may also get essential information on estate planning palliative care and end-of-life matters via My Legacy portal.

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